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31st January, 2013 Leave a Comment
The Master

The Master

A feast. Also something of a one-finger salute to our conventional expectations of narrative film. With acting this good, and images this luminous, Paul Thomas Anderson appears to be saying, do you really need a story? 4.5/5

A brilliant documentary treatment of a stranger-than-fiction true story. A missing boy, and the very strange stranger who tries to fill his shoes: more twists than a snake in a tornado. 4/5

Even Spielberg sceptics should enjoy this unlikely political thriller, a superbly scripted Civil War parlour piece, built around a warm, masterful performance from Daniel Day-Lewis. 4/5

The 10-year hunt for Osama bin Laden filmed as a plodding spy procedural, with flat characters and industrial quantities of clumsy exposition. The tense climactic set piece does impress. 3/5

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