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By Fiona Rae In Online

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3rd March, 2014 Leave a Comment

CATS AWAY: Winter Olympics sports are mad, right? Luge – what’s that about? And shooting and skiing are just nuts. The sport we really want to see is Cat Curling. Now that’s an event:

CURL YOUR TOES: Jimmy Fallon has had good reviews as the new the Tonight Show host. His first guest was Will Smith, who also had some ideas about curling:

Fallon debuted a video in his “Brian Williams Raps” series; here’s Rapper’s Delight:

LOSING PHILIP: The tributes for Philip Seymour Hoffman have been flowing, including an excellent obituary by the New Yorker’s Anthony Lane. Among the messages was a heartfelt and open one from Amy Adams in an episode of Inside the Actors Studio.

SUMMER FUN IN THE SUN: There’s still good beach weather for getting the kids building sandcastles. Here are castles by New York artist Calvin Seibert for them to copy. If they’re arty kids, they could have a go at something by Carl Jara. Piece of cake.

THE HORROR, THE HORROR: Internet nerds have, of course, sniffed out the arcane literary references in True Detective, with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. Showrunner Nic Pizzolatto, a novelist and former college literature professor, has tapped into an 1895 book of horror stories by Robert W Chambers, The King in Yellow, now a best-seller on Amazon. The Daily Beast has the first four stories.

THE ART OF POLITICS: While we enjoy season one of House of Cards (TV3, Sunday, 10.30pm), the US is gobbling up season two, on Netflix. Lead Kevin Spacey dropped by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and had a few choice words for US politicians.

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