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By Fiona Rae In Online

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24th September, 2013 Leave a Comment

LAST BREAKING BAD PARODY EVER: They’ve been coming thick and fast, and will forever be with us on the internet, but after this week, the Breaking Bad parodies will dry up like a drop of sweat on a bald man’s head in the hot Albuquerque sun. So enjoy this last one by the masterly Jimmy Fallon, who does an uncanny Walter White:

REMEMBERING ELMORE: The great crime writer Elmore Leonard lasted considerably longer than a lot of his characters, but his flinty voice will still be missed. His 10 Rules of Good Writing have become legend. Here he is in a Time video answering 10 reader questions, including which film adaptation of his work he likes the best:

CALVIN & HOBBES & MUAD’DIB: It’s not quite as existential as Garfield Minus Garfield, but Calvin & Muad’Dib, which combines the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes with the philosophy of Frank Herbert’s Dune universe, is a surprisingly good combination.

12 FROSTY PIGS: The makers of public service ads have long known that humour is a superior tool to convey a message – Ghost Chips (actually called Legend) is an example – and now they’re trying the same approach with drug driving. Shopkeepers has been screening in cinemas and is a little charmer:

Here’s Blazed, a Maori Television ad directed by Taika Waititi in the style of Two Cars, One Night:

FREE NELSON MANDELA: Nelson Mandela’s life has been immortalised on film before – a certain strange rugby movie comes to mind – but the upcoming Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, starring Idris Elba and Naomie Harris, is the big picture, in both senses:

LITTLE YELLOW MINI: Speaking of influentials – although Goodbye Pork Pie didn’t inspire a ton of road movies, Geoff Murphy’s 1981 feature was a smash hit at home, amply demonstrating that Kiwis could make their own stories. Trailer and other info at NZ On Screen.

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