Weekly trivia quiz, 18.02.14

By Gabe Atkinson In Quiz

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21st February, 2014 1 comment

Ralph’s Diner (1981-82), by Ralph Goings. Oil on canvas.

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One Response to “Weekly trivia quiz, 18.02.14”

  1. GordonCooper Feb 19 2014, 11:22pm

    I would like to propose that the new NZ flag be divided into four rectangles - the first should be our first flag : the flag of the united tribes of NZ;. the second rectangle should be our current national flag (union jack and southern cross etc); the third rectangle should be Hone's flag; and the final rectangle should be the silver fern (not necessarily black and white but one of the many coloured versions). There are several advantages with this suggestion: first, all opinions will be catered for - the flag is totally inclusive; second, it will be so complicated that flag makers will be busy for years making the new flag - think -of all the extra jobs generated; third, the new flag will be a history lesson in itself - we can see how our thoughts developed over the years; finally, it will put NZ on the world stage - ours will be the most complicated flag of all - why have the simplicity of the rising sun or the maple leaf when you can have such a riot of colours and concepts? Gordon Cooper 325/127 Wattle Farm Road, Wattle Downs, AUCKLAND 2103
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