January 19-25: Online

By Diana Balham In TV Week

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James Bond

James Bond

SEEING THE LIGHT: After five decades, James Bond is bigger than ever. A recent UK poll asked 2500 fans of the suave super-agent to name their favourite scene from a 007 film. Watch clips from the top three and read the rest of the top-10 list.

THERE BE PIRATES!: Ever wondered what happened to Victoria Wood? This Guardian interview by the paper’s TV editor, Vicky Frost, reveals that the comedian has been working on the screenplay for a one-off drama about a daring real-life classical music scam. British record producer William Barrington-Coupe peddled more than 100 recordings of assorted musicians, claiming they were the work of his wife, pianist Joyce Hatto. He even invented names, such as the fictional conductor “Havagesse” (Have a guess!). The drama, Loving Miss Hatto, played on UK TV just before Christmas and Alfred Molina, Francesca Annis, Rory Kinnear and Maimie McCoy star as “Barrie” and Joyce, young and old.

BLOOPER DUPER: Cheap laughs galore, but this YouTube compilation of mostly American news bloopers features a choice selection of farting rhinos, suggestive weather maps, cursing newscasters, women terrified by fish and this Froot Loop: “I know the vacuum cleaner man. He’s seen my tits … I haven’t been allowed to drive for three years … Do you wanna see my tits?”

THE DOCTOR IS IN: Half-way through January, here are some New Year’s resolutions with an ultra-serious edge: Dr Athena Staik talks you through those midnight musings with Start the New Year with Possibility Thinking and a Mindset of Success. Gosh, I feel like a winner already.

10th January, 2013 Leave a Comment

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