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Two and a Half Men

All New Two and a Half Men (TV2, 7.30pm). Where does being the sexiest werewolf on television get you? A guest-star role on Two and a Half Men, that’s where. Hmm, really? True Blood’s Joe Manganiello appears as the new boyfriend of Walden’s ex, Bridget. Bonus: Jane Lynch reprises her role as therapist Dr Freeman, the only one who could slap Charlie down.

The Almighty Johnsons (TV3, 8.30pm). We’re wondering if Eva’s modus operandi is to drag her partners down; after all, she is Goddess of the Underworld. When is Dawn going to discover the goddess within, we ask, and rescue Ty from Eva’s black clutches? Meanwhile, Gaia (Keisha Castle-Hughes) is spinning out of control. We don’t know what that means. More information please, TV3!

Prime Spotlight: Case Histories (Prime, 8.30pm). The second episode in the series is based on Kate Atkinson’s One Good Turn, in which Jackson Brodie (Jason Isaacs) drags a lifeless woman from the Firth of Forth, helps a crime novelist who is caught in a road rage incident, and tries to cope with the fact his ex-wife is taking their daughter out of the country. To New Zealand, of all places.

The Late Show with David Letterman (Prime, 11.15pm). Tonight, Will Ferrell, and Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead. If you’re watching Walking, careful, spoilers – we’re behind the US.


Winter’s Bone (Rialto, Sky 025, 8.30pm). If this relentlessly bleak drama about wayward American mountain folk had won the best picture Oscar for which it was nominated, it would have been one of the lowest-grossing films ever to do it. And everyone would have said, “Who is this best actress Jennifer Lawrence?” It didn’t win any of the four Oscar nods but Winter’s Bone is a revelation – worthy of its own Deliverance-style banjo fanfare. Lawrence – who had to learn how to skin squirrels, chop wood and fight – is breathtaking as Ree Dolly, a 17-year-old struggling to save her family in the dirt-poor Ozarks after her P-manufacturing dad skips bail. Written and directed in many shades of grey by the largely unknown Debra Granik. (2010) 8 – Diana Balham


Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan (Radio New Zealand National, 9.06am). Today: Privatisation of energy companies and the jurisdiction of the Ombudsmen Act; feature interview is Palmerston North paediatrician Jeff Brown, who was in Christchurch on February 22, and ended up running a triage centre in Latimer Square; Death on Demand by Paul Thomas is reviewed; Marty Duda’s Artist of the Week; law with Catriona MacLennan; and science commentator Simon Pollard. Info and audio here.

Appointment (Radio New Zealand Concert, 7.00pm). And now for nothing completely different. That’s right: a programme about nothing that makes Seinfeld look like a busy schedule of plots all crowded onto one little TV comedy island. Philosophy Talk is a six-part series presented by Ken Taylor and John Perry of Stanford University in the US. In each programme they invite listeners to join them to discuss a wide variety of issues, ranging from popular culture to our most deeply held beliefs about science, morality and the human condition. Today, it’s Nihilism and Meaning, and joining them is philosophy professor Hubert Dreyfus from the University of California, Berkeley, who should have something interesting to say about nothing. – Diana Balham

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