Back to the Future and Southland Tales spell highs and lows this week

By Sarah Barnett In TV Films

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25th April, 2009
SATURDAY APRIL 25 Back to the Future (TV3, 7.30pm). Metaphysics and Oedipal complexes wrapped in a charming, funny, 80s-blockbuster bow. Teenager Marty McFly (Michael J Fox), the cool child of loser parents, winds up back in 1955 with the help of mad scientist Doc Brown's (Christopher Lloyd) time machine. Madness ensues when he decides to right history's wrongs and becomes the object of his young mother's affection - a total mother-kisser. (1985) 9 Saving Private Ryan (TV2, 8.30pm). Steven Spielberg goes for the gut, using visceral, grunt's-eye-view battle scenes ...

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