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Q: How do I read Listener on my iPad or other tablet device?
A: Just visit from Safari on your iPad or from any browser on any device. The Listener website is built using responsive web design technology which means it will automatically adapt content to read perfectly on the digital device of your choice.


Q: I didn’t receive any confirmation email from my registration or activation?
A: Our responses are automatic so please check your spam filter to see if it didn’t arrive in your primary inbox. If it isn’t there please contact us here.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
A: All subscriptions, whether Digital or Print, are non-refundable. Please email us at for additional information.

Q: Can I pay for my digital subscription with cash or a cheque?
A: At this time we can only accept credit card payments for digital-only subscriptions.

Q: I am logged in, and have a paid subscription, but still see the locked icons against articles?
A: Locked icons are always displayed to indicate premium content, but if you are a paid subscriber, you will be able to click though to all articles and read the full content.


Q: How do you choose what articles are paid content?
A: The articles on the website that are paid-only content are the articles that have appeared in the print version of the Listener magazine. Occasionally some print articles may be change to all-access if they are sponsored or are more appropriate for a wider audience.

Q: Can I purchase access to just one article or issue?
A: Not at this point.

Q: Can I comment on articles if I don’t have a subscription?
A: Yes, all you have to do is register on the site and log on.

Q: I would like to contact someone about the content on the site, who can I talk to?
A: The contact information for the Listener office is available on our contact us page here.

Q: What content is available in the archives?
A: We have several years of articles from the Listener available at present. It is not a comprehensive collection but as time goes by we will be expanding the archive content available.

Q: Do you have a Listener App?
A: There are plans for a Listener app (watch this space) but at present there is not one. To improve the tablet and smartphone user experience we have built the website with responsive design so that it will adjust the content in order to fit your mobile device properly.

Q: Do I get to keep the articles I have paid for access to?
A: Your subscription is for access to the content for a period of time, and once over if you want access you would have to renew your subscription.

Q: Can I print the articles?
A: If you have a paid subscription you may print the articles just as you would photocopy a printed article.

Q: Can I share paid content articles with a friend?
A: Not directly. If you send a link for a paid article to a friend who is not a subscriber they would only see the abstract for the article.

Q: Can I download the issues to my computer and read offline?
A: No, the articles are only available online at this point in time.

Q: What is Listener Plus?
A: This is a navigation bar to allow access to digital-only content we wish to highlight.


Q: Why do I have to log in again if I refresh my browser?
A: Cookies must be enabled for the login process to work properly. Disabling or removing cookies will result in a prompt for a login the next time you access a page.

Q: How do I log out?
A: You can log out vie a link at the top right of each page on the site.

Q: What should I do if I forget my password?
A: When you try to log in, the log in screen will have a link at the bottom called Forgot Password? Click that and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Q: What if I need more help?
A: Our contact us page has all our support options here.


Q: I am a print subscriber, and am correctly entering my access code, but can’t redeem my digital access.
A: If the access code is correct, please ensure your surname on your digital account is the same as your surname on your print account. If you have already once successfully redeemed your access code, you don’t need to enter it again.


The below section is for Print subscribers that purchased their print subscription with free digital access;

Q: I brought my print subscription and I registered myself on the site but still can’t access the content?
A: You need to also make sure you have gone to your profile page and entered your print subscriber access code. If you are logged in you can go to the profile page via a link in the top right corner of each page, and if you are not logged in you will need to do so in order to reach your profile page.

Q: I’ve got a print subscription, how do I get access to the paid content?
A: Print subscribers who purchased their subscriptions including free digital access will be sent an access code as soon as access is set up for them, and once you have this you can go to the website and click the register link at the top right. After registering you will need to confirm your email, then after that you will need to activate your subscription by putting your access code into your profile where indicated.

Q: What happens when my print subscription expires?
A: Your access to paid content is tied to your print subscription, so in order to continue to have access you will either need to take up a digital-only subscription.
Q: I am a print subscriber, and am correctly entering my access code, but can’t redeem my digital access.

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