Life in New Zealand December 15 2012

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“I had Metallica playing in my ears and I had a beanie over my head and … by the time I knew anything had happened a dog had already lunged on to my thigh and started eating me.”
Dominion Post, 22/8/12

United Future leader Peter Dunne can be excused a feeling of déjà vu, because he has seen this all before.
NZ Listener, 24/11/12

Stylish and modern kitchen with stainless steel dishwasher, rangehood, gas cooktop and waste disposal that flows to family dining area.
Rentals brochure, August 2012

“A lot of people have calved early.”
Southland Times, 11/9/12

The information and heritage manager imagined water pouring from the ceiling, soppy books on the shelves …
Waikato Times, 12/9/12

Don’t get used to it. A temporary road sign in Awahuri Rd invites motorists to drive at 100kmh, in a 100kmh speed zone.
Manawatu Standard, 14/7/12

Earth Choice
Powerful performance, natural clean
Grey Water and Sceptic Safe
Advertising mailer, September 2012

To get our country moving we need to have a cheep source of fuel.
Taranaki Daily News, 13/8/12

“Residents went to sleep one day and woke up the next with a protected tree on their property.”
Bay of Plenty Times, 23/8/12

“It’s definitely a positive and people are becoming more accepting of physical pleasures. It doesn’t tickle everyone’s fancy, of course, but there has certainly been a lot of interest.”
Bay of Plenty Times, 1/9/12

Vendor has to move on, but would love the opportunity to assist a newcomer with the handover period, or will pass on their knowledge and income willingly.
Guardian, 19/9/12

Life in New Zealand December 14 2012

Seen in southeast Wairarapa.

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6th December, 2012 Leave a Comment

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