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Councillor Catherine Stewart said it was a well-known fact that few of the elected members used the library and she advocated going out to the community with a blank canvas.
Bay of Plenty Times, 16/8/12

Alternatively, if you’ve always wanted an avenue of large trees or a horizontal elm or two, you have the space to have them here.
Press, 22/9/12

“What tenant is going to move into my property and pay $45 a week before they even put the kettle on? That’s what it boils down to.”
NZ Herald, 26/9/12

An officer did visit the stream, running through Mr Corder’s backyard, after last week’s spill, he said.
Kapiti Observer, 30/7/12

China/cockatiel cabinet $25ono.
Southland Times, 20/9/12

The delay was because of some rather large events; otherwise it would have been here way sooner. The global financial boom hit just as it was launched, making it ridiculously priced.
Bay of Plenty Times, 25/8/12

“If we could make church fun … you couldn’t make churches big enough,” he said.
Bay of Plenty Times, 7/8/12

Norovirus is found in shellfish and should be sourced from a reputable supplier.
Waikato Times, 3/10/12

Mrs …, literally, held a torch for her husband-to-be. He took her to the rubbish dump to shoot rats on their first date and asked her if she’d like to hold his torch.
Bay of Plenty Times, 11/8/12

Whether you are running a marathon or hitting the town on a big night out, a good hairspray is essential to keep your hair in place all day.
Bay of Plenty Times, 18/8/12

At home on a Saturday morning, you won’t catch me without my rubber gloves on.
Bay of Plenty Times, 11/8/12

“In the midst of what some people would say is a national crisis, the lure of a crunchy Marmite and chip sandwich proved too much for many and the sandwiches were a complete sell out.”
Guardian, 4/10/12

Life in New Zealand - December 22 2012

Seen in Lower Hutt.

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13th December, 2012 Leave a Comment

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