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Thirty years ago, being youngish and much more bigoted than I am now (hard to believe I know), I would have opposed gay marriage saying it was only for a man and a woman.
Bay of Plenty Times, 7/8/12

He said a purchase by a little old lady might threaten the vehicle’s sporty image.
Hauraki Herald, 31/8/12

7.00 Annabel Langbein the Free Range Cook – Simple Pleasures R Annabel flies into the Southern Alps …
Press, 25/9/12

“I’m absolutely having a water birth and I have already made a little tail,” she said.
Taranaki Daily News, 5/10/12

“It was the perfect storm. Inquiries were down and people were loath to buy. People go through clouds of indecision, like a mass paralysis.”
Bay of Plenty Times Weekend, 11/8/12

For the uninitiated, a peplum is an over-sized frill, normally attached to the waist of fitted jackets or pencil skirts. (Imagine a tailored, frill-necked lizard for your hips and you’ll get the idea …)
Bay of Plenty Times, 11/8/12

The board hearing an application … has called a meeting on Wednesday to discuss whether it should approve or turn down the proposal before or after setting conditions.
Nelson Mail, 24/9/12

“We’re proud of our wind in Wellington, it makes us who we are – energetic and fresh.”
Dominion Post, 6/10/12

Wellington and Hurricanes players underwent numeracy and literacy tests this year – and 10 of them failed the basics. The results were so “startling”, Nichol says, that he wonders if the players could actually understand their game plans.
Herald on Sunday, 26/8/12

People Alone Group are growing so join them for a $10 luncheon at the Hotel.
Budget, 25/4/12

“We just recently hired the new resort general manager who is as Kiwi as kiwifruit,” he said.
Herald on Sunday, 12/8/12

The parent company of Wellington student bar The Big Kumara is facing liquidation.
Dominion Post, 28/9/12

Life in New Zealand - December 29 2012

Seen at Toatoa.

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20th December, 2012 Leave a Comment

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