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7th February, 2013 Leave a Comment

“He literally is the Energizer bunny.”
Sky TV commentator on World No 5 David Ferrer, Heineken Open Tennis, 10/1/13

Anne Speir, 55, was sentenced to six months’ home detention for selling LSD, ecstasy and cannabis at the Auckland District Court in November., 22/1/13

With models traipsing out to the sound of horses galloping, and a literal take on the ponytail, it was certainly a striking show.
Bay of Plenty Times, 6/9/12

She made a friend of Rick’s brother and eventually met Rick sunbathing on the driveway at his parent’s farm. That was it … “I didn’t stand a chance,” Mr Ormsby says.
Bay of Plenty Times, 6/9/12

Technology leads to increase in preventable hearing loss
Mahurangi Matters, 1/8/12

Steve Hansen must decide this week whether to reward his incumbents again, or box smart and throw fresh legs at the finish line.
Taranaki Daily News, 27/11/12

Kingfish farming – less sex, more growth
University of Waikato flier, September 2012

Only $35 each
Magnamail catalogue

Clothes Airer starting to rust, could be used in avairy.
Hawke’s Bay Today, 16/10/12

Stylish and modern kitchen with stainless steel dishwasher, rangehood and gas cooktop and waste disposal that flows to family dining area.
Property management rentals brochure, August 2012

Penny cardigan, $159.
Dominion Post, 21/11/12

Selected Bridal Gowns
These gowns won’t last long!
Hutt News, 27/11/12

“We would actually have the Naenae Bowling Club in Naenae, which would be fabulous.”
Hutt News, 27/11/12

Organic Clean Standing Hay, No thistles for sale, no sprays/weeds, situated Rawene golf course. Excel for baling/silage.
Northern Advocate, 20/11/12

“There was a window of opportunity and that was taken on the advice of very good people. It
was about spreading the eggs.”
Taranaki Daily News, 29/11/12

Despite having a baby, the cottage is immaculate.
Herald Homes, 14/11/12

Organiser Sara Randle says it was incredible to see the world’s only flying 1915 FE2b now joined by the world’s only other flying FE2b …
Wairarapa News, 14/11/12

However, she understood the need to improve pedestrian safety in Wellington’s city centre. “It’s just a matter of finding the right way forward.”
Dominion Post, 26/11/12

You will receive a work notice outlining the nature of the work and traffic impacts in your letterbox prior to work commencing.
Fletcher Infrastructure Team letter, 7/11/12

Life in New Zealand - February 16 2013

Seen on the Southern Scenic Route.

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7th February, 2013 Leave a Comment

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