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Wives: They let us down
Bay of Plenty Times, 26/9/12

It was written by father-and-son Canadians Norm and Ron Mort who have a long history of taking dogs’ places in cars.
NZ Herald, 6/10/12

2007 Suzuki Swift GLX
One Owner, Popular Vehicles that don’t last long.
Whangarei Report, 13/10/12

A rough guide of age is to regard each kilo of weight as a year, so an 80-kilo fish is older than most people.
Outdoors, NZ Herald, July 2012

Mr Ward said it was still unknown what the substance in the bottles was. Environment Southland had taken the bottles away and police would have discussions with them, he said.
Southland Times, 12/10/12

Stabber fails to get sentence cut
Taranaki Daily News, 3/11/12

“Something isn’t right for this to have happened and until we know what’s happened and why it’s happened, it’s hard to say where we will go from here.”
Bay of Plenty Times, 11/9/12

Lodge Real Estate chief Jeremy O’Rourke said some Christchurch residents were sick of the shaky city and were showing interest in Hamilton’s housing market, which was still relatively stable.
NZ Herald, 9/10/12

September is finished and, in breaking news, it was windy.
Herald on Sunday, 7/10/12

“With more people going into the water there is always an increased chance of encountering aquatic animals like sharks.”
Press, 20/10/12

“It is totally astounding – all of it so stimulating – like daring to eat with an anaesthetised mouth at the risk of biting your tongue. I want more of this!” he said, struggling to describe his own overwhelming delight.
Vibe, Bay of Plenty Times, 4/10/12

… was told at Wellington Airport that she was pregnant by a Jetstar staffer, who demanded a letter from her doctor but she is not.
Nelson Mail, 9/10/12

Our council has a chance to take the lead with dogs
Nelson Mail, 10/10/12

Life in New Zealand - February 2 2013

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24th January, 2013 Leave a Comment

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