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Swimming in the sea and icecreams have helped Wanganui residents cool off…
Wanganui Chronicle, 30/1/13

Fishing, camping, whitebaiting – we had a pet sheep that we ate. I just had a cool childhood.
Taste, October 2012

To the principals and teachers of greater Christchurch, I am writing an open letter to publically thank you …
Letter from Education Minister Hekia Parata, Press, 17/11/12

Having relatives in Ireland and being born in England with France a tunnel ride away, 14-year-old Emily Ormiston found it difficult to find a country she has never been before to travel to on a student exchange.
Weekend Sun, 5/10/12

The only loss was a long-drop toilet, at one of about 25 huts in the wetlands.
Southland Times, 21/11/12

Large dog cage needed to rent. Daughter and German Shepherd dog staying for Christmas.
Upper Clutha Messenger, 19/12/12

Give your child a head start for School

  • Literacy, Numermacy, Music and Drama

Mainland Press, 10/1/13

This phenomenon, known as the Mpemba Effect after the Tanzanian student who noticed it in 1968, has baffled scientific brains for millennia.
Listener, 28/7/12

Others have complained to police of being fooled by a gay, charming and very effeminate conman.
Herald on Sunday, 12/8/12

The Auckland Plan and the council’s Biodiversity Strategy aim to reduce the number of threatened species …
Our Auckland, November 2012

I am a ratepayer who will object strongly to the owner of a neglected and derelict Patea Hospital being sold at a premium to the South Taranaki District Council.
Taranaki Daily News, 26/11/12

Each year FISA picks two locations around the world and invite up to 60 people to come and participate normally in a coxed quad boat.
OarSport, October 2012

Champ to give pubic aerial display
Rotorua Weekender, 8/2/13

Fun evening of retail therapy and demonstrations … Tickets $20, price includes wine and capes.
Selwyn View, 29/11/12

Opportunities for walkers in Blenheim, Picton and Kaikoura to get fit and earn extra $$$ during our busy Christmas period. Car, phone and internet required.
Marlborough Midweek, 14/11/12

Offensive weapon in pants, 13/2/13

Her birthday party featured a cake made by grandchildren and icecreams.
North Shore Times, 29/1/13

Police focus on alcohol
Central Leader, 10/10/12

Sign seen at Leith Bowling Club, Dunedin.

Seen at Leith Bowling Club, Dunedin.

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14th February, 2013 Leave a Comment

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