Life in New Zealand February 9 2013

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Strippers and topless waitresses wanted. No experience necessary, hands on training will be given.
Waikato Times, 24/11/12

For Sale
Filing cabinet, lockable, no key.
Nelson Mail, November 2012

The $100,000 loss was met by relative silence from councillors, who then went on to debate for half an hour whether an apostrophe should be used on a road sign.
Greymouth Star, 26/10/12

The Italians, generally speaking, get most things to do with food, fashion and design right on the money, apart from maybe the Fiat Multipla, those funny little shoes men wear with short pants and no socks, and polenta.
Bite, NZ Herald, 8/10/12

Enter your name and you could win a free month!
Hamilton News, 30/11/12

Mrs Morrice said the new facility operated two clinics, had meetings rooms used for community groups and anti-natal classes …
Taranaki Daily News, 21/11/12

The Guardian was unable to interview those tourists who could not find a park, but one visitor revealed that vacant parking was crucial if tourists were going to find a park.
Hokitika Guardian, 19/11/12

One of the highlights of the day is the fashion contest and costumes made from oyster sacks are a big feature, with everything from three-piece suits to wedding dresses with an oyster flavour.
Outdoors, NZ Herald, July 2012

The public toilets are one of the few in the country that have an attendant and one of those is Amanda Johnston. “I just relieve 30 hours a week, usually,” Mrs Johnston said.
Star, 11/10/12

The council is to hold a workshop today to investigate ways to get the 4400 customers at the bottom of Lake Taupo off The Lines Company network …
NZ Herald, 16/10/12

Don’t shop with well-intended friends as they are often simply not as they appear.
Indulge, 8/9/12

Life in New Zealand - February 9 2013

Seen in Christchurch.

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31st January, 2013 Leave a Comment

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