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“Oh well, no more kids freezing and turning blue on summer mornings. It’s the end of another era in New Zealand education.”
Hutt News, 24/10/12

The building sector, he acknowledges, hasn’t had the shiniest reputation, “and we try our utmost to hold that end up”.
Your Weekend, Press, 8/9/12

But when this Mediaworks breakfast cohost first sighted her new kitchen she was stunned into silence … and more. She cried.
Bay of Plenty Times, 11/8/12

Yes, nitrogen has seven electrodes and, hence, protons.
Bay of Plenty Times, 5/11/12

Daisy, the cloned cow born of a $50 million investment, risks becoming a white elephant because people have no appetite for GM milk.
Sunday Star-Times, 4/11/12

Mangawhai township sits at the bottom of the harbour.
Weekend Herald, 3/11/12

More than 1 million adults in New Zealand need help with reading and understand written information …
Southland Times, 1/11/12

Treetop walkway on track
Hokitika Guardian, 25/10/12

Money is automatically deducted from a prepaid account. HOP is available on trains now with ferries coming on board at the end of the month and buses in April next year.
Manukau Courier, 2/11/12

Free to good home, a male and female green lovebird.
Nelson Mail, 18/10/12

He told The Star yesterday he was scared and was now very weary when anyone came into the store.
Christchurch Star, 26/10/12

Swings and roundabouts, that’s nothing new in business. But hanging out your sour grapes …?
Taranaki Daily News, 29/10/12

Life in New Zealand - January 12 2013

Seen near Rotorua.

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3rd January, 2013 Leave a Comment

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