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In last week’s Top Ten in The Weekly Workout puzzles, the answer to question 6, who won the 2012 British Open Golf competition, should have been Ernie Els not Waterford Crystal.
South Taranaki Star, 8/11/12

When you think the time to plant is nigh, walk to the middle of your ground, drop your trousers and wriggle your bare bottom into the soil. If it feels warm, go for it. If it feels cold, wait.
New Zealand Gardener, November 2012

Prostitution might go on in other city hotels on a one-on-one basis.
NZ Herald, 14/11/12

Polynesian sea farers travelled and conquered the largest ocean on earth when your people were paddling around in their oracles still believing the world was flat.
Weekend Sun, 26/10/12

… said all queries had to be directed to the facility’s manager, who was not available for comment
Manawatu Standard, 12/11/12

Are we looking at the Aussie arse of a huge ostrich burying its head in the sand or the dirty hands of a domestic sweeping all the filth under a big carpet.
Taranaki Daily News, 31/10/12

Since moving to the United States two years ago, he has also found time to pursue other interests, such as cello and rock climbing.
Otago Daily Times, 27/10/12

Books, children included, come and look; $1 each. Phone …
Otago Daily Times, 25/10/12

Made to clients individual requirements
Free on site consolation
At Home, Press, November 2012

Mr Wallace said the Sir Geoffrey Palmer-led panel’s recommendations are for “a super-city in drag”
Hutt News, 6/11/12

Life in New Zealand - January 19 2013

Seen in Queenstown.

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10th January, 2013 Leave a Comment

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