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I come here to ride. I have a beautiful horse. He’s gentle and lovely. I anthropomorphise and I know I shouldn’t. But I can’t help it. He’s a twice-married plumber who likes to drink beer and doesn’t talk a lot.
NZ Herald, 13/11/12

Friendly food, delicious staff in relaxed surroundings
Oamaru Mail, 6/11/12

… and the Whakatu Rotary Club was donating half of all the money they made selling whitebait catchers on the Saturday.
Nelson Mail, 23/10/12

“We have an aeroplane that landed on water, two people walked away, and there’s no issues.”
Dominion Post, 25/10/12

Later, Paul shares his thoughts on the lawn. “You walk out there with bare feet and then it follows you around all day.”
Taranaki Daily News, 19/10/12

The mounds of vomit on the pavement and the circling police vans prove his point.
Sunday Star-Times, 28/10/12

Inspire travel magazines (6), only looked at, ex. condition …
Otago Daily Times, 25/10/12

Born in waters off Whangarei and raised in the Netherlands, she became the youngest person …
Herald on Sunday, 19/8/12

The hospitality of the locals was overwhelming. “A party was put on for us and the whole town turned out,” Becky said. There were offers of flats to rent and “everyone was throwing furniture at us.”
Motueka Guardian, October 2012

“We want to make Wellington the go-to capital if you are going to have a cardiac arrest, by preparing our residents to React, Ring, Revive …”
Northland News, November 2012

It’s literally a doorway to Paris on 32 Lorne St.
Viva, NZ Herald, 25/7/12

Nits are going around parents.
Titirangi Community Centre sign

Victoria University has recently upgraded its virus protection. Unfortunately, this has sometimes prevented anyone with a Victoria email address from receiving our latest newsletter. For those not aff ected by this problem, we apologise for sending you this email. We hope to have the matter fi xed very soon.
Victoria University email, 7/11/12

Naturists hope to tempt new members to take a dip, 8/1/13

Fine night for star-grazing
Dominion Post, 20/9/12

Mr Anderson said the noise control team were a bit concerned that now the noise had been made public, everyone would be hearing it.
Dominion Post, 12/10/12

First blood to lady hunter
Outdoors, NZ Herald, July 2012

Delicious easy-to-follow Indian,
Thai and Chinese recipes
Hot price $12
Cookbook, The Warehouse

Major bread brands set to rise
Dominion Post, 23/11/12

Life in New Zealand - January 26 2013

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17th January, 2013 Leave a Comment

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