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A punter on his stag do was thrown out of an Otaki racetrack for running down the home straight wearing a blonde hairpiece during a horse race.
Herald on Sunday, 19/8/12

Kenepuru’s accident and medical service was not an accident and emergency service, he said.
The Wellingtonian, 6/9/12

So the i30 is like our Olympic stars: on the podium with a medal, while our national anthem plays. On that, aren’t there some weird anthems?
Bay of Plenty Times, 1/9/12

Youth from the south have already been enjoying themselves in the outdoors under the guidance of Mr Apiata, Mr Penrose says. “Willie is amazing. He had them going through swamps and all sorts.”
Papakura Courier, 22/8/12

The sergeant was understood to be either heading to rugby practice or dropping off his children at the time but was concerned enough to stop and check on the store’s occupants.
Bay of Plenty Times, 9/8/12

Enright said he plans to keep up some healthy exercise while enjoying his year’s supply of pies. “You don’t want to be known as a pie-eater all your life.”
Herald on Sunday, 19/8/12

… took this picture of earth’s largest and oldest satellite coming home from work on
August 31.
Wanganui Chronicle, 27/9/12

Scientists overseas are researching stronger pesticides and trying to breed bees resistant bees.
NZ Herald, 10/9/12

I struck a girl once from Otago who lived on a farm. They were measuring gold at that time in the hair, and her one came right off the top of the sheet, for gold. I didn’t know whether to tell her or to buy the farm.
Sunday, Sunday Star-Times, 30/9/12

Such as playing Queen Elizabeth in Shakespeare’s Richard III that was no walk in the
Bay of Plenty Times, 16/8/12

Life in New Zealand - January 5 2013

Seen in Glen Eden, Auckland

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27th December, 2012 Leave a Comment

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