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21st February, 2013 Leave a Comment

… Mrs Halkyard-Harawira earlier this week urged people to leave matters of justice and P lab operations to the police., 4/1/13

Stainless steel bason for sale, washing tub $60 Be quick These are not cheap. Pretty much new!
Countdown community noticeboard card, January 2013

3 brm family home
sep laundry & toilet heatpump
Upper Hutt Leader, 23/1/13

“I remember sitting there one day and all down the Government side were male members, all down the Opposition side were male members,” she recalls.
NZ Listener, 2/2/13

“But after five minutes on the bike, I was back to nomral again. I’ve got a saying that ‘what goes down must come up,’’ she quipped., 9/2/13

Stone picker. Phone …
Daily News, 15/12/12

There shouldn’t be a price on your piece of mind.
Dominion Post, 22/10/12

Lace for a sewer, suitable adult or childware, some croquet …
Otago Daily Times, 11/10/12

“The soft, sweet buns are perfect for canapes, mini burgers and children,” says chef Sean Armstrong …
Press, 12/12/12

Trio charged with conspiring to manufacture P and arson in custody
Bay of Plenty Times, 11/12/12

… staff knew the eggs came from Manukura’s father, so there was a 25 per cent chance of another white kiwi.
Dominion Post, 29/11/12

We have launched a programme in schools to tackle rheumatic fever, which I was pleased to see first-hand at a local school.
Howick & Pakuranga Times, 20/12/12

We have ensuites available for long term occupancy.
Guardian, 19/12/12

A cool Pacific breeze is blowing through David Timbs’ airy seaside commode.
NZ Herald, 1/1/13

Sign seen in Raglan

Seen in Raglan.

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21st February, 2013 Leave a Comment

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