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“The 90 minutes wait, that’s a load of crap. No-one ever waited for a bed pan for that amount of time.”
Taranaki Daily News, 5/12/12

Building starting to bounce back
Bay of Plenty Times Weekend, 8/9/12

A lavish desk stretches along the North facing rear of the house …
Katikati Advertiser, 1/11/12

Estate agent suspended over carpark
NZ Herald, 5/12/12

When digested and dried, the carp mix has proved an ideal potting mix for growing native plants, such as flax, manuka and cabbage.
Waikato Times, 29/12/12

However, a child born in Christchurch is believed to be the first in New Zealand.
Taranaki Daily News, 26/12/12

Mercifully, earthquakes don’t destroy gardens …
NZ Listener, 15/12/12

8.00 He Iwi Whakapono (G, R) Shane Te Ruki discusses Maori participation in the Baha’i faith, embracing all the religions of the world and their profits.
NZ Herald, 2/1/13

7.00 Annabel Langbein the Free Range Cook – Simple Pleasures Tonight: Annabel jets boats to a friends’ raspberry patch with a sponge cake.
NZ Listener, 15/12/12

It all started with a taniwha. After studying the monster that, Maori legend had it, lived in Lake Omapere with her class, Theresa wanted to bring one to life in a disused area of the grounds.
Gardener, December 2012

“We are a nation that is getting fatter,” Peter Sizeland … said at the opening.
Waikato Times, 26/12/12

“Waking up is the hard part. As soon as you walk into the airport, it’s a whole different environment,” he says. “Everyone’s alive here,” Lesley says.
Manukau Courier, 27/12/12

Seized goods: The ivory figures made from African elephant tusks taken from a 57-year-old Auckland man.
Sunday Star-Times, 23/12/12

Life in New Zealand March 9 2013

Seen in Whakarewarewa Village, Rotorua.

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28th February, 2013 Leave a Comment

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