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17th November, 2012

There will be sheep and people from the association to talk with lifestyle block owners wanting information.
Straight Furrow, 4/9/12

The woman voiced her displeasure at the longstanding effects of the accident in a victim impact statement, which put particular emphasis on the way the injury had hampered her knitting.
Waikato Times, 13/7/12

… with Chris Martin growing closer to retirement – and he is six months older than Bond – there is a demand to develop a sparehead.
Press, 30/8/12

[She] said it was “a sad day” when the quake destroyed their family home. “It was in good order really until the walls started falling in.”
Press, 14/8/12

“It’s the best of both worlds, There’s the cultural similarities so you can slide right in kind of senselessly …”
NZ Herald, 22/8/12

St Patrick’s College Parents Ass, Framed – the Art Exhibition Friday 24 August.
St Theresa’s Parish newsletter, 18/8/12

“It’s been a lucky run,” he said, nose deep in a roll of his silver medal-winning traditional bacon yesterday.
Taranaki Daily News, 24/7/12

Police are looking for a woman who vomited into a hat in a Timaru store about 4pm yesterday.
Timaru Herald, 17/7/12

Whangarei police officers were called to a house when a 15-year-old girl rang to complain that her 22-year-old sister had bought her a cheeseburger but there was no bacon in it. A row broke out. While the sisters were arguing, the family dog ate the cheeseburger.
NZ Herald, 17/8/12

… for dessert, consultant chef Sean Connolly has also roasted a pineapple brushed with vanilla and star anise for three hours.
Otago Daily Times, 11/7/12

Life in New Zealand November 17 2012

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17th November, 2012

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