Life in New Zealand: November 26 2011

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26th November, 2011

A night in Lake Wanaka Sunday-Star Times, 30/10/11

The main insurer of churches in New Zealand will no longer cover acts of God …, 30/9/11

A current first aid cert and previous experience is preferred, no criminal convictions essential. Work and Income (Lower Hutt) office job vacancy circular, 12/9/11

An unemployed teenager has been told to “take stock” of his life after he admitted stealing a stud ewe. Marlborough Express, 27/9/11

Thumbs down from Aaron and Pip. “We were driving down Taradale Rd and saw two ladies walking, one of them was blowing her nose then threw it on the footpath and walked on it and then kept on walking.” Napier Courier, 20/7/11

Lovely furnished two to three bedroom house for responsible family with bath, thanks. Ph … Gulf News, 4/8/11

Set of drawers suitable for baby (needs painting) … Nelson Mail, 21/9/11

More than 500 people in Nelson may have dementia and not be aware of it, according to a new report released today for World Alzheimer’s Day. Nelson Mail, 21/9/11

Cat lingo
Understanding pussy Pet magazine, Sept-Nov 2009

Eleanor Fraser … said she had watched with horror-fication as the dunes were destroyed. Waihi Leader, 14/9/11

A man who crashed his trail bike, striking his groin on the handlebars, is lucky he wasn’t injured somewhere more private. NZ Herald, 24/9/11

The alleged offender then drove the forklift down the road, breaking letterboxes, before it was found in police hands at sunrise. Waimea Weekly, 28/9/11

“His car is demobilised …” Marlborough Express, 18/8/11

“For a house with major damage, we still have to see any EQC assessors but they have an enormously difficult job to do. Some of us are going to fall through the cracks.” Mainland Press, 13/7/11

26th November, 2011

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