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13th October, 2012

It’s fair to say this honest, simple, naive man wasn’t capable of killing anyone. There was just something about the way he cut his steak that made those sitting close to him realise that.
Taranaki Daily News, 21/7/12

With diaries and township on your doorstep, you will kick yourself if you miss this well maintained, leasehold character set on 971m2 section.
Guardian, 18/7/12

Fat profits are being made by selling foods that create these problems. Highly processed white sugar, transfats and cheap fast foods can be bought on most street corners and are a big part of the problem.
NZ Herald, 29/6/12

The first floor will house Nelson Radiology and Nelson Orthopaedics, with the second floor designed to be adapted to fit a few large sized specialists, or up to ten smaller specialists.
Nelson Weekly, 26/6/12

… obesity is a huge and growing problem.
NZ Listener, 21/7/12

Chandelettes are the smaller version of the impressive chandelier and are hugely popular – popping up in all sorts of usual places such as the bathroom, walk-in closet, bedroom or home office.
inHome, Bay of Plenty Times, 14/7/12

After all, it is the trend at the moment to feel right at home in the bedroom – literally.
inHome, Bay of Plenty Times, 14/7/12

Free pregnancy scans up to 12 weeks of pregnancy
No surcharge for 65+
Cambridge Edition, 8/8/12

It is to be hoped that he may receive some positive role modeling and life skills whilst in jail to turn his life around.
Ecpat newsletter, April 2012

… the corporation had been forced to employ 68.5 additional staff for the call centre.
Dominion Post, 7/6/12

Sotheby's International Realty sign seen on Auckland's North Shore

Seen on Auckland's North Shore

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13th October, 2012

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