Secrets to creative success

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By Mark Broatch in

Issue 3902 19th Feb 2015

Technology entrepreneur Kevin Ashton has written an account of creativity that demolishes the notion of genius, epiphanies and the value of praise. He talked to Mark Broatch.

Lovely bones

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By Stephen Jewell in

Issue 3901 12th Feb 2015

Samantha Shannon’s best-selling sci-fi series The Bone Season might get the Weta touch when it’s made into a movie, she tells Stephen Jewell.

Herd instinct

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By Mark Broatch in

Issue 3899 29th Jan 2015

When Eula Biss became a mother, she began to investigate immunisation and found among many parents an ecology of fear – of vaccines, of doctors, of government – and a serious misunderstanding of risk.

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