Dream catcher

By Sally Blundell in

Issue 3916 28th May 2015

His books occupy a tunnel beneath consciousness that’s equidistant from New Zealand, London or Tokyo, Haruki Murakami tells Sally Blundell.

The chameleon

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By Diana Wichtel in

Issue 3914 14th May 2015

The in-demand Michael Fassbender knows all about extreme weight loss, terrifying sex scenes and insane shoot-outs.

My sporting life

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By Paul Thomas in

Issue 3914 14th May 2015

Introducing an occasional series in which prominent Kiwis discuss their relationship with sport. This week: wine writer, author and former Tall Black John Saker.

Mammoth decisions

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By Mark Broatch in

Issue 3910 16th Apr 2015

Beth Shapiro is an evolutionary molecular biologist who specialises in ancient DNA. She spoke to Mark Broatch about the practical and ethical problems of bringing back to life mammoths, moa and dinosaurs.

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