New Zealand history

Great war myths

By Matthew Wright in

Issue 3910 16th Apr 2015

Historians are challenging our popular vision of World War I, that of heroic young men being pointlessly killed by obeying the orders of incompetent British generals.

Ain't got no body

By Redmer Yska in

Issue 3893 11th Dec 2014

The conviction of serial conman George Horry for the murder of his wife, whose body has never been found, proved a landmark verdict that would redefine the law in New Zealand and beyond.

Dairy me

By Mark Broatch in

Issue 3888 6th Nov 2014

A new history of the dairy industry reminds us of the powerful role it plays in our economy and society – but also the big environmental impact it’s having. Author Nicola McCloy talks to Mark Broatch.

Child’s play

By Mark Broatch in

Issue 3887 30th Oct 2014

David Veart’s account of 200 years of toys reveals an alternative history of New Zealand: people at play, a focus on children and a reflection of a changing society.

Ex-king coal

By Mark Broatch in

Issue 3885 16th Oct 2014

What to do about coal? It played a valuable role in our history, yet it’s not without its issues, says historian Matthew Wright.

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