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7th October, 2006 Leave a Comment

===Bats, Wellington===

Website Bats

Yours Truly (until 14 October 2006)

===Centrepoint, Palmerston North===

Website Centrepoint

The Underarm (14 September 2006 – 14 October 2006)

===Circa, Wellington===

Website Circa

Picture Perfect (until 7 October 2006)

===Court Theatre, Christchurch===

Website Court Theatre

Court One: Flagons & Foxtrots (until 14 October 2006) – read the NZ Listener review here

===Downstage, Wellington===

Website Downstage

The Blonde, The Brunette and The Vengeful Redhead (until 7 October 2006) – – read the NZ Listener review here

===Fortune Theatre, Dunedin===

Website Fortune Theatre

My Heart Is Bathed In Blood (6 October 2006 – 21 October 2006)

===Howick Little Theatre, Auckland===

Website Howick Little Theatre

Spreading Out (11 November 2006 – 2 December 2006)

===Maidment, Auckland===

Website Maidment, Auckland

The Ocean Star (until 21 October 2006)

===Silo, Auckland===

Website Silo, Auckland

Badjelly the Witch (until 7 October 2006)

===Auckland’s Herald Theatre===

Website View Auckland

500 Letters (12 October 2006 until 13 October 2006)

===List your event===

Have you got an event you would like to promote? Please email us at with full details of your event (event type, location, date, plus a website address for further details) and we will include this in the NZ Listener Arts Diary.

7th October, 2006 Leave a Comment

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