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Cartoon by Chris Slane

Traditionally, New Zealand cartoonists have had long careers. Sir Gordon Minhinnick was the New Zealand Herald’s cartoonist for half a century. Nearly all of today’s established cartoonists have been delivering their brickbats and bouquets for decades. So, before long, the country’s newspapers and magazines will need new talent to fill some big shoes. The New Zealand Listener and the New Zealand Cartoon Archive are excited to announce the launch of the inaugural Young Cartoonist Award.

The cartoons should combine an understanding of political and social situations and their contradictions and complications with a talent for drawing effective cartoons.


  • The competition is open to all New Zealand residents aged 18-35.
  • Each entrant should submit a portfolio of three cartoons, which can be in colour or black & white.
  • The topic of the first cartoon should be a comment on some current global issue.
  • The second cartoon should deal with the current New Zealand political or social scene.
  • The final cartoon should be local in content – dealing with a current issue in the city, town or area in which the contestant lives.
  • A brief description for each cartoon should be provided.


  • The winner will receive $5000 and his or her winning portfolio will be published in a print edition of the NZ Listener and on the Listener website.
  • Two runners-up will receive $500 each and their portfolio will be published in a print edition of the NZ Listener and on the Listener website.
  • A selection of other entries will also be showcased in the Listener and on its website.


Post your entries on a DVD/CD or USB stick as per the conditions of entry to:
Young Cartoonist Award, New Zealand Listener,
PO Box 90521, Victoria St West, Auckland 1142.

Alternatively, you may send a link to us: or enter your details in the form below.

Fill out my online form.

Entries close April 8, 2013.

Terms and Conditions: Entrants may have had cartoons published in school or university/polytechnic publications. (The competition is not open to those who have been paid cartoon contributors to newspapers or magazines.) 2. Caricatures rather than conventional cartoons are acceptable so long as they involve clear political or social comment. Credit will be given for effective caricatures of political and other public figures in cartoons. 3. Only one entry will be accepted from each contestant. 4. Entries should be on a DVD, CD, or USB stick. Cartoons should be in JPG format with supporting text in a word document. Entries must be readable on both PC and Mac.

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