Larsen at the Film Festival: Day Four

By David Larsen in Film

David Larsen reviews every film he sees at this year's New Zealand International Film Festival.

Feature/ The Internaut

The Wikipedia editors rumbled as government staffers

By Toby Manhire

Feature/ The Internaut

The first social media election - just like all the others

By Toby Manhire

Current Affairs

An interview with photojournalist Robin Hammond

By The Listener

Robin Hammond is the first New Zealander to be a finalist in the World Press Photo Exhibition since 2002.


The Wikipedia editors rumbled as government staffers

By Toby Manhire

From the Kremlin and MH17 to the taco selection, the Twitter robots are picking out state interference.


The "Hawking Index": a measure of least-read books

By Toby Manhire

Or should it be the "Piketty index" - an e-book based guesstimation of the most unread books.


The root of the problem

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By Danyl Mclauchlan

Joshua Ferris tries to combine dentistry, virtual identity, biblical apocrypha and baseball into a funny yet profound novel.


Marc Wilson: Smart is as smart does

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By Marc Wilson

Theories of intelligence abound but maybe the Gump test is the best.

TV & Entertainment


On at the movies: July 26, 2014

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By David Larsen

David Larsen reviews Healing, and Begin Again. Plus short reviews.


Caption competition 86

Have a crack at this week's caption competition.


Michael Leunig: The heart of the matter

By Diana Wichtel

Cartoonists speak “for the other lot”, says Michael Leunig, a living treasure and equal-opportunity pain in the arse.

The Influentials

Influentials: Events that defined a nation

By The Listener

We look back at key moments in New Zealand history.

From Our Archive

Whittaker's: Brand of brothers

By Ruth Laugesen

Andrew and Brian Whittaker are on track to overtake Cadbury as the country’s biggest chocolate sellers. Ruth Laugesen looks at how they’ve done it.


July 26, 2014

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